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    Default Great little film ...

    .... i have no involvement but i was sent a link to this ....

    Mostly filmed by the guy in the film !...
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    What a great film showcasing an incredible resource. This brought me back 19 years ago to when I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail here on the East Cost of the USA. It's a 2100 mile footpath that runs from Georgia to Maine and has a very similar shelter system. Every 10 miles or so along the trail you reach a shelter, often just a 3 sided structure with a floor but a welcome site after an all day hike over multiple mountains, in the rain. Even though I had a tent I often chose to use the shelters for convenience, marvelous times. Thanks for posting this, I might just have to visit some of these bothy's.
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    I enjoyed it. It was well shot and well written and I liked the sentiment, which Alastair conveyed well both in the writing and the delivery.
    However, despite having produced just about as many different shots as I believe are possible from the limited material, I did find that after a while the footage became superfluous - how many shots of a guy riding over rock can one take? Whilst it's difficult to know what dialog to atke out, I think I'd like to see a shorted version, leaving me wanting more, rather than the other way round. Harsh? Maybe.

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