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    Can I just say what a delight it is to have Hook join us. The whole point of this section is to provide feedback to others as many of us have done for a long time. Sadly far too many people just join to post their own videos, either in order just to pimp their own work, or in order to get feedback.

    We'll never overcome the fact there are plenty of people who want to take rather than give, but what brings the forum to life is when people contribute their thoughts, knowledge, opinions and wisdom.

    I'm sure Hook wouldn't claim to be any more than an enthusiast as a film maker (so far), but, like all of us, he's had a lifetime watching films and isn't afraid to make comments on others' films.

    Welcome to the forum, Hook

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    Thanks Tim, happy to be here. 10 years ago when I started to produce my own music I found a yahoo group for advise on my equipment and that turned into That forum has been an incredible resource for me both for knowledge & inspiration. I've had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians from all over the world, I even have a song with 5 different flags on it. We do however have the same issue with people joining just to promote their own music and not participating in the forum by listening & commenting. Without the exchange and activity a forum doesn't stand a chance of thriving.
    When I began to dabble with videos & editing I realized I needed some advise and found this place. I have been grateful for the help and realize the importance of watching others work, not only to help the community thrive but to learn from. just like with music, I learn the most from seeing how others have filmed & edited, from reading the comments in other threads and just absorbing as much as I can from others doing similar things (albeit much better than I do).
    I do like to see things kept somewhat positive, even constructive criticism can be said positively and most forums I've come across, both for music & video production seem to be unfortunately rather negative. Lots of opinions expressed rather crudely and are often just cruel. We don't tolerate aggressively rude comments on songcrafters and I, so far, it seems to be about the same here. I'm grateful that there are others that are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Thanks for the welcome.
    Rock On!


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