Hey, everyone. Hope you can help me out with this, since I'm running out of ideas. Couldn't find any threads with the same issue as mine.

I have a 1080p short film shot on 2 different Nikon D5100 cameras. I'm using Premiere Pro CC, and some free LUTs I found online for color correction (Kino37 ORIG/DARK WARM2 and GC_Reign_R36_709) on most scenes, which could be the ones causing the glitch. Some have some Brightness and Contrast tweaked a little bit because the original footage was too bright.

I rendered the video pressing the Enter key to get it to play smoothly while I worked on it. The film is about 21 minutes long, and after the first 2 minutes or so, the video started titillating/blinking, like if the brightness was changed frame by frame. I had to change a few things so that the video would re-render itself, and, after many hours, I got it to work just fine when I play it on Premiere.

However, when I export the video, the problem is there again - except this time, instead of finding problems with the changing brightness, there's a blinking ghost image (one of the video's frames blinking with lower opacity) right about minute 4. I deleted the exported video before I remembered I should have taken a screenshot to explain the problem. Dumb choice, I know.

I tried both H264 .MP4 and Quicktime .MOV and still no luck. The video is still playing just fine inside Premiere, though. Any guesses on what I could do to fix this?

I guess this film must be haunted...