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Thread: Monopod w/ 3-Leg Base

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    Exclamation Monopod w/ 3-Leg Base

    EDIT: Found a viable solution, so this thread can be closed!


    So I recently purchased a 3-leg locking base for my Monopod and when receiving the base I realized it would not work with my existing Monopod. The Monopod was cheap, so I decided to try and DIY it to make it work and alas, I broke my Monopod. I have a Honeymoon coming up and was wondering if anyone knew of a relatively cheap Monopod that could work with a Universal 3/8" 3-Leg Base?

    Here is what I have purchased and need a Monopod to go with them:
    Monopod Head:
    Monopod Base:

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. Please not I'm not looking for a Monopod that comes with a base, I'm simply looking to make the head and base I currently have work.
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