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Thread: "I Don't Trust You" Hooks 1st attempt at an actual music video

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    Default "I Don't Trust You" Hooks 1st attempt at an actual music video

    So I just jumped in feet first and made this video. I wrote the song a few months ago and had the idea for the video in my head almost immediately (something that has never happened). This is my 1st attempt at any kind of artistic filming, anything I've done before was just of me playing/recording. I am hear to learn & I'm sure it's full of flaws but I am proud of it. With that said please feel free to offer criticisms, I think I can handle it. This was filmed with my Tascam DR-V1Hd. I had initially made a version in Sony Vegas 11 Home Movie, but wasn't pleased with it at all & had that preview issue I've discussed in the past. I tried again in Wondershare Movie Editor and had no preview issue and was able to get closer to the idea I had in my head.
    Rock On!

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    I think the idea is OK and you have clearly planned all your shots. There's no (or very little) waving the camera around aimlessly. You choreographed your actors well so they moved from position to position out of sight of the camera. This is all good.

    Unfortunately there are (at least) two problems with this sort of roaming shot. Stabilization and lighting. For stabilization you need some sort of stabiliser (duh!) and a lot of practice. Without this the movement is really too intense to view for more than a few seconds. As for lighting, you've done quite well here, but there is plenty that is severely underexpoesed. Lighting for something where the camera swings round by 360 degrees is, if not impossible, what I'd imagine to be an extreme art form.
    But you weren't to know that on your first attempt! I bet you learnt a lot doing this.

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    Thank Tim, for both watching and giving me some feedback. I'm very glad that it came across somewhat planned out, the 1st & second scenes were shot in just one take with some quick rehearsal; I had to do 2 takes for the 3rd scene. It had been very planned out in my head however. My daughter (the girl staring into the mirror) filmed the 2nd scene since I was in it and I thought she did pretty well. It really came to life for me once I had it in black & white. That intense movement into the still shots to create a frantic, confused state was what I was going for. As far as lighting, I just had the natural light, It definitely was too dark in the 3rd scene but nothing I could really do about it. I did indeed learn alot.
    Thanks again

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