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Thread: hello all. question about 1080 and 720

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    Default hello all. question about 1080 and 720

    Hello all I am new to the video editing world and started doing some YouTube videos and ran into a little problem. I recorded some video on a my iPhone which shoots in 1080p. I also recorded some video on my point and shoot which records in 720p. Now when I was editing these video together I noticed when I started to render that the 720 video was way smaller than the a 1080p video. Like the 1080p video showed fine and the 720p was like in a little small box. Is there a way to make both videos look the same? So that there is no noticeable change in video side?


    Not sure if this matters but I am editing in adobe premiere.

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    ok I found the answer on another site and just wanted to share it in case someone looks here and has the same prob..

    propz to newpball for this info!

    1. In premiere pro create a 1080p sequence.
    2. Place all you footage (1080p, 720p) on the sequence.
    2. For each 720p clip right click on the clip and select 'Set to Frame Size'

    This will scale all the 720p clips to 1080p.

    Make sure when you render you select 'Use Maximum Render Quality' to get a good scaling algorithm.

    Alternatively you can downsample all the 1080p clips to 720p.

    this worked perfectly!

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