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Thread: Yikes, an issue with editing with Premier CS6, could use some help..

  1. Default Yikes, an issue with editing with Premier CS6, could use some help..

    I've run into another issue with Adobe Premier CS6 and could use some advice please..
    Now that I've finished my project and uploaded it to youtube, I need to go back and edit
    out about 7 seconds of the video. Seemed like it would be easy enough, just open my project files,
    select the clip, mark the in and out section of my clip and use the extract or lift button, except this time, when I
    press the extract or lift button, I can't get Premier to do anything, it won't extract the small edit in the
    middle of the clip. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here and could some help please. Have any
    of you experienced this? Thanks

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    Have you put a cut at the in and out then selected that clip?

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    Thanks David, I've clicked on the "mark in" where I want the edit to start and clicked on the "mark out" where I want the edit to end, then selected the clip, (also ungrouped the clip thinking that might my problem),
    still no luck.
    Maybe I'm not applying the "cut" the right way..
    I moved some of the original clip files off of my desktop prior to my current session, but moved them back onto the desktop, (the clips are the same and folder is the same) I wonder if that had something to do with my issues..

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    Marking an in and an out on a clip (in the timeline) doesn't make a cut, it merely marks an in and out ready for you do do something like exporting etc.

    Hit 'c' (for cut) and your cursor should change to a blade tool, then click where you want the in and out to be on the section you want to extract. This creates a separate clip that you can now move around. When you're done cutting hit v to go back to your regular tool otherwise you'l just keep cutting everywhere.

    To cut multiple tracks at the same time (at the same position) hold the shift key when cutting.

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    Thank you David, I believe you've saved the day for me, that worked. I couldn't find a youtube tutorial video anywhere that described the process. Really appreciate your help !

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