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    I know I keep on saying it, but I really need to step up a level and learn to use compositing software. Now being a Premiere user, it's a logical step to use After Effects.

    After Effects comes in two flavours: an expensive one and a really expensive one. Which one do you use?

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    it's gotta be pro for me but then I am using it in professional enviorments.
    I think if one is using it for fun then the standard will sufice

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    There are loads of After Effects tutorials overt at the creativecow.

    Marc, I suggest you scan through a selection of these and look at some of the things you might be interested in doing. As far as I can remember, the tutorials specify qhich flavour of AE they require.

    Also, invest a few quid in the Meyer books and go scan them also. Trust me that you will be buying these at some stage if you do make the move into AE so you might as well get them now if it helps your decision process. Again, they are careful to discuss which flavour of AE is required for each project/example.

    Use these resources to decide which flavour is best for you and what you want to achieve from it.

    One last comment though. Do be prepared to give it the time it deserves. Presonally I found I picked up the basics of Premiere quite quickly in a few days. AE will give you a learning curve of months.

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