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Thread: Motocross Austria - Salzburg X-Bowl arena

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    Default Motocross Austria - Salzburg X-Bowl arena

    Hi Filmmakers
    Here is my latest Video which i filmed in Austria in the X-Bowl arena, located in Salzburg.
    I think i could say this is my biggest "Projekt" so far, even if i filmed it at just one day hahah. But we stood up at 4:00 it was a long day

    On the technical side i had several GoPro's and one main camera the GH4 with the 14-140mm lens. I also got usage of my drone and of the Glidecam HD 1000.

    If you are interested just click here to watch the Video:

    Please give me some kind of honest feedback and tell me what i should make better next time.

    Have a nice day, Roman.

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    Looked a very good short vid. Nice mix of shots.

    I cant comment on sound as computer I watched it on did not have any.

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    Nice job. Some pretty competent camerawork there. I liked the change of pace - it was a wise move putting the pause in the middle and at least we get lots of close ups during that and the opening section, even if the action shots are somewhat lacking in them. I didn't care much for the forward facing GoPro on the rear of the bike, whereas all the other GoPro angles felt like they added something.

    You really got the adrenaline across - helped in no small part by including lots of live action (or was it Foley?) sound.

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    Hei thank you very much
    Am what do you mean with foley sound? @TimStannard

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    That was a wild ride. Some really stellar angles and shots that are really engaging. I have to agree about the shots from the back of the bike, I could have done without the butt shots. Really well done!
    rock on!

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    Nice variety of shots. The "getting ready" was a bit long for my taste but I guess you needed to match it to the music.

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    Thank you very much

    Yah i knew, the intro could be shorter hahah

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