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Thread: What camera to replace my Sony Z1e?

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    Default What camera to replace my Sony Z1e?

    Need a new camera as my Z1e seems on way out.

    Something similar which I can still i can use my mics on.


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    Check out Canon, Panasonic & Sony web sites. All the information is right there....!

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    Hi Porky, glad to see you back. One of the few members who makes and shows videos here instead of just talking about it.

    I think David, that he'll have already looked at those sites and now he's after advice from people who have actually used the kit, not just gathered information from the internet.

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    Perhaps the first thing to tell us is your budget, otherwise we could be suggesting something beyond your pocket.

    Next, what do you film and what are the important attributes, other than being able to use XLR mics?

    Low light?
    Small/Tiny or larger with more buttons and controls?
    What resolution? HD / UHD / 4K ?
    What media ? SD / CF / SXS / CFast / XQD?
    What frame rates do you need? 24/25/30 or 50/60/96?

    Examples could be:

    Canon XA10 / XA 20 / XA25, XF100 / XF200 / XF300 / C100 etc

    Panasonic AG-AC160A, AG-AC90A, AG-DVX200 etc

    Sony AX1, PXW-X180, PXW-X200, PXW-Z100 etc

    JVC: GY-HM600E etc

    All these cameras take XLR mics, but range from HD to 4K and around 1000 - > 5000, and these are just a few. So, let's narrow it down a little with budget and requirements ?
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    Budget, under 2 grand.

    I do mostly interviews for a production company as a freelancer. Many of the interviews are used online and on tv.

    So in short , a shit hot camera that is good enough for tv and is under 2 grand.

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