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Thread: ulead videostudio transitions

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    Default ulead videostudio transitions

    I have just started playing with this product but there seems to be something missing. Where is the fade in/fade out transition? This is the most basic yet most useful of requirements. :

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    Welcome to the forums!!

    Just took a look at the transitions available and I can't believe it either! The closer you can get is "disolve" under F/X!

    I'm assuming you know how to get to the transitions

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    yeah its not 100% ideal but its the closest. I thought that was very strange as its really useful to be able to soften the cuts and when changing scenes. These flashy transitions stand out when you have lots of them but you dont really notice the soft fadein/fadeouts.

    Just done a test run. My video is 2hrs long and im wondering the best way to get it to disc. Think its going to have to be a 2disc vcd.

    Also going to have a play and try to use hollywood fx for the transitions as theyve got loads of good ones, assuming i can load my video into it.

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    I'm with you on the transitions - adding the standard video studio transitions is a sure-fire way of making you masterpiece look instantly amateurish! Infact I hardly ever use transitions... makes it harder to edit, but can make your video look so much more professional if you spend the time to get a precise edit.

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    Default Cross Fade Transition

    I have had just about all versions of Videostudio and the one transition I used was always the basic most used: Cross Fade. Why oh why, did Ulead remove this one with Videostudio 7?

    I agree with you about other transitions, they make the movie look cheap but the basic smooth crossfade was perfect. I have tried to import it in from other versions (5, 6 etc.) but 7 doesn't recognise it. Is there anyway I can make 7 reload to recognise this file or insert it into the package before installing. I have also asked the question to ulead but never had a reply.

    I really really need this transition, any help guys?

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    Default Crossfade Transition

    I found the crossfade transition, and others on the burger site:

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    Excellent find!

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