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Thread: Curved draw knife sharpening

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    Default Curved draw knife sharpening

    Yet another one of my videos about getting tools in shape. This time I sharpened a curved draw knife free handed:

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    Another good instructional video.

    I think you made a slight error on the narration. around 2:15 you said "every time the stone gets wet you add only some drops of water". Did you mean if the stone gets dry just add a few drops of water.

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    Equivocal statements in different languages are different - for example, the statement "you can't put too much water in a nuclear reactor" has two obvious interpretations in English but in German i can only guess how many there are

    Similarly, logic statements are different as well - if you say a double-negative in English it cancels out but in Russian it just emphasizes the negative

    i think your comments are an artifact of a language thing and not an error in Big Ray's narrative

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    I think he said get's wet but meant get's dry. We shall see.

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