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Thread: NVENC Fastest export!!

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    Default NVENC Fastest export!!

    Below link are the forum to a plugin that I found useful for Adobe Premiere pro CS6 and Adobe Media Encoder CS6. It exports 4 times faster than normal export mode.

    Version 1.09
    Nero AAC
    MP4 Box

    My rig:
    Asus G550JK
    I7 4690
    GTX 850M 4GB VRAM
    16GB Ram

    I've done a few tests and every form of editing (Color correction, Dynamic link to AE, stacking videos etc) in time line and try to export using the plugin. An error will prompt however when I choose ignore, it will still render. Anyone tried the plugin before?
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    uploadfromtaptalk1434840838016.jpg Error Prompt example (CS6 not CC) for illustration

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    Well... This forum.... This.....

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