I'm trying to work out a video production workflow for one video editing person on our team.

At this point we are receiving Apple ProRes files on an SSD. All that needs to get done is adding a title screen, and trimming the video to the appropriate stop/start point. So its a very basic editing session.

Here's my question: I was assuming we could just open iMovie and get started editing the files immediately.

For some reason iMovie wants to transcode the files into its own format. I was assuming we could just edit the files directly off the ssd they were recorded to.

Is there a way to do that in iMovie? Is there a better software to use (keeping in mind the requirements)

Currently it takes hours to get the files imported into iMovie just to get started with the editing session. I need that start time to be instant

I am a little out of my element here. Hopefully I've described my problem adequately!

(iMovie '11, 2011/2011 Mac Pro Xeon, OS 10.6.

Please help! Thanks!