Hi Everyone,

I am kind of new to the digital video world. I create tracks and would like to film a band MTV style, I am ok with the video cutting, filters and all but I have never actually filmed with a good camera.

1)Can I get something descend for 800 Euro? I am seeing more and more people filming whole MTV like clips with iphones s5 and 6 and I see no difference between the pro and them(as a normal viewer).
Would recommend to use an iphone to film a band playing in an mtv like video?

2)I have an XLR microphone and after this project we would like to make a short film/documentary, the problem is that we cannot link the iphone to an xlr mic so I was thinking about buying a semi pro cam instead, is there anything around 800 Euro(900 dollars) ? I will be required to sometime film dark scenes.

Thank you so much for your help!