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Thread: voiceover track inaudible on DVD

  1. Question voiceover track inaudible on DVD

    I am hoping one of you forum wizards can help with this.
    I am using Vegas Pro* and Architect Pro5
    I create my video , edit it and add my voiceover and adjust sound levels to my liking. I then render the Video to mpeg 2 PAL widescreen and the audio to ac3 pro Stereo DVD.
    I then load the video file into Architect ( there are 3 videos in all with menu selection ), when played in preview the sound all seems fine with sound levels as expected.
    When I prepare and burn a DVD the voiceover part of the audio is on all 3 videos all but inaudible although the original soundtrack level seems fine. When Vegas 8 renders the audio it incorporates the original soundtrack + voiceover + any music track into 1 audio file which must be working alright otherwise Architect would not be able to play it back in the Preview and in the way that I set it up.
    I am unable to understand why just the voiceover part of the audio is affected.
    Does anyone have any suggestions about this problem and how to cure it please ?
    Places to see, scenes to video, techniques to learn DVD's to burn.
    Not enough time !!!
    red.kite Abingdon, England

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    When rendering to AC3, go into Custom Settings, set Audio Service: Dialogue Normalisation to -31dB, and in Pre-Processing change both Line Mode Profile and AF Profile to None. Oh, and before rendering, it might pay to Normalise each speech event using the selection in Switches. These changes did the rick for me and Inow use them all the time.


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    Hi Richard, thanks for your reply, I found similar comments to yours on the Sony site and have tried them out. When I play back the burnt DVD on the computer the voiceovers now seem fine but when played back on the DVD player in my den the voiveover is still virtually inaudible.
    When played on the unit indoors however voiceover is fine. It seems that the problem is related to the player in my den and not the DVD but it baffles me how the audio that is on a single track can be handled in such a way by one player so as to split the 2 audio tracks that are combined to make 1.
    Regards red.kite

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    Glad that helped. The DVD issue has me fooled as well but at least it seems that the problem lies there and not with Vegas.


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