I am hoping one of you forum wizards can help with this.
I am using Vegas Pro* and Architect Pro5
I create my video , edit it and add my voiceover and adjust sound levels to my liking. I then render the Video to mpeg 2 PAL widescreen and the audio to ac3 pro Stereo DVD.
I then load the video file into Architect ( there are 3 videos in all with menu selection ), when played in preview the sound all seems fine with sound levels as expected.
When I prepare and burn a DVD the voiceover part of the audio is on all 3 videos all but inaudible although the original soundtrack level seems fine. When Vegas 8 renders the audio it incorporates the original soundtrack + voiceover + any music track into 1 audio file which must be working alright otherwise Architect would not be able to play it back in the Preview and in the way that I set it up.
I am unable to understand why just the voiceover part of the audio is affected.
Does anyone have any suggestions about this problem and how to cure it please ?