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Thread: Black blurry lines around movement

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    Default Black blurry lines around movement

    Hello guys

    I am making a bunch of instruction videos for a company and I am about to export them out of Avid Media composer. But every time I look at my exported video there are some black, blurry lines when something in the picture is moving as you can see on the screenshot around the finger.

    Here are the export settings and other specifications
    Quicktime movie
    The kbit is set to automatic but I tried differents ways here.the automatic setting comes out with 10432kbps but I have tried to minimize it with no luck at all.

    I need the 1920x1080 format so I can change in that. But right now that is the only way that works and removes the blurry lines by minimizing the format.

    Can anyone help me here?

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    This is interlacing. My guess is that this has been shot interlaced and you are exporting progressive.
    There's plenty you can read about it, explained far better than I can, if you want to know.

    However, you specifically need to know how best to de-interlace footage within Media Composer - a tool about which i have no knowledge, I'm afraid.

    Looking again, I can see that you have zoomed in on the image (cropped it) as the lines are nowhere near what one would normally expect (720 or 1080 would be the normal number of lines)

    Media Composer probably de-intrlaces automatically if there's no cropping going on, but if you are going to zoom you need to ensure that the deinterlacing occurs before cropping. There will be a setting within Media Composer to deal with this.
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    I'm really new to MC and video in general, myself, but I was exporting and "printing" a video last night and noticed that Sorenson squeeze was applying a deinterlacing filter by default for me. Not really knowing much about it I was like "ok, that's cool".

    Sounds like it might be just what the doctor ordered for you though. If you haven't already, try running your video through squeeze with the deinterlacing filter. Since my video will be uploaded to a company intranet site for viewing by employees, I used the YouTube settings in squeeze, which included the filter by default.

    Hope that helps!

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