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Thread: Advice on getting a suitable graphics card.

  1. Default Advice on getting a suitable graphics card.


    Currently running Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 on a PC with a fairly basic graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 4600).

    Have just upgraded to the Suite version which includes NEWBLUEFX Titling and Video Effects add on (among lots of other things).

    Problem is that the NEWBLUEFX effects won't work with the current graphics card.

    I am looking to upgrade the card without spending a fortune. I've been looking at nVidia Quadro K620 costing about 150.

    Any recommendations?. My Power Supply Unit is between 250-300 Watt according to the owner of shop I bought it from.



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    Not really sure what GPUs the NB FX take advantage of, but Vegas GPU acceleration for nVidia cards ended with the 500 series (Fermi, I believe). The recommended chip on the Vegas forum for best results with Vegas itself is the AMD R9 290X )or two of them). Your PSU would probably need an upgrade.

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    Thanks Tim, Do you know if Radion GPU acceleration is supported ?

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    The "official" SCS info on supported GPU is here. BUT as TimS says, in practice it's that AMD card which seems to be favoured.

    For further thoughts you should read DoctorZen's comments on the subject in this discussion on his website.

    And be sure to have installed this version of the NB add-on.

    The previous version was problematic.
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    Ty. I found a good deal on the nvidia Quadro K620 and ordered it.

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