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    Thoughts and critiques welcome. This wasn't a planned or well thought out shoot. My wife was taking some pregnancy pictures at this park.
    I decided to babysit my daughter with my camera. A few things bother me about the results (I didn't like some of the framing / leveling, on some shots, and my shadow near the start) but I'm overall pleased with it.

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    It's always going to be a tough ride asking someone to critique a family video. Bottom line is that they're your memories, and you're not necessarily creating something for the enjoyment of others. However, here's a few tips from someone that's still learning the art of filming kids:

    • I never take photos or videos with a dummy (pacifier) in a toddler's mouth. Kids make the most wonderful expressions, and these are hidden or taken away by the dummy.
    • I try to get a good balance of children smiling and concentrating (or both!). Kids are rarely camera shy (until they either pick up the habit from adults, or you make a big deal out of filmiing). I'm not sure I saw one smile in the whole video?
    • The music choice was very downbeat, which emphasised the lack of smiles. It added up to sense of melancholy rather than fun. My personal preference is to inject fun for toddler videos, which includes boosting saturation and contract!
    • Most of the shots seemed like they hadn't been edited, i.e. you didn't cut anything out after pressing record. Given the reactive nature of filming kids, I normally through away 90% of footage! that can be entire clips or the majority of clips. For example if I'm waiting for something to happen.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes it does, thanks a lot. I consider my weakness the actual cinematography, gathering the right shots, enough shots, etc. Then I make due with what I got. Yeah, it's sort of a somber, kinda sad video. But that was mainly because she was a little sad throughout since she couldn't go in the water and play. We were just escorting mommy while she took pictures. I thought the music fit the pictures I got. But, I have a ton to learn about getting my footage. Thanks..!

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    Have you tried fixing some of the levelling in post even if you loose a bit of resolution?

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    You can't go wrong following Marc's advice. Getting shots different focal lens help in the mix, if they are all of the same distance from the subject it can seem as though there is a lack of variety even though you look as though you tried to get a good mix. You did get some nice shots but included some not so good ones so be a little more strict with your shot choices during the editing. For example you have lots of shots of your daughter walking around so get rid of the shot at 3:00-3:07 it's wobbly badly tilted and not very well framed. Have another look though the footage you've chosen and reduce it down taking out the shots you know are not so good.

    You will end up being happier with it even if you loose a minute of video.

    Having said that it's a family video so what does all this matter if it's just a memory of their youth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    Have you tried fixing some of the levelling in post even if you loose a bit of resolution?
    I didn't think of it while I was editing it. Would have definitely improved things a little...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Having said that it's a family video so what does all this matter if it's just a memory of their youth.
    Understood. BUT.... If I were doing this for someone else, I would want to take notes about these things, which is why I put it up. I need to gather better footage while holding the camera. That's always been my weakness. Once I get to the NLE, I think I'm OK, salvaging what I get...

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