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    I want to send my dad some recording with his favorite football team. Thatīs why I have to record nfl videos and I donīt have any idea how I can do that. What do I need? Do I need s special recorder? Is there a free or somewhat cheap nfl recorder?

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    You would need a screen recording software, there is no option of saving the videos otherwise. There are lots of such recording tools, free and paid software, that will record videos from sites like that, you just have to google and search for the one that will also download nfl videos you want.

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    Default would be the free tool, a direct online website where you only have to add the link of the video to save and Audials Moviebox ( ) would be the paid one, with several downloading, editing etc functions. Now, if you want to download nfl videos just this once a free tool is what I would choose. If you want to do this on a regular basis with NFL videos or other sites like that (ESPN, NHL etc) and also choose the format of the videos to be saved, edit, etc a paid tool, that does more than just simple download is what I would recommend.
    Now you only have to decide

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    Thanks guys for the tips. Will definitely google results until now were not very helpful so I want some trusted opinions

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