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    So This is the project I'm working on just to wrap my head around Vegas Home Movie 11 Platinum. As you can see it's all out of synch, this preview issue cant be standard...can it? How are you supposed to synch. I realize now I nee to make better audio markers in the beginning so I guess I could try to synch the audio track before I un group and delete.
    It also seems strange to me that I had the main in the track titled video, the drums in the track marked overlay. Somehow the lead ukulele video ended up in the text track and would only work there. I added another video track from the insert menu and dragged in the bass video but it wouldn't even show up? is 2 inset videos going to be the max? I don't see how these youtube guys make these videos with 6 or 8 windows all synched up!
    I had the main track all synched up perfectly before I started adding the other windows & was surprised to see the main video was out of synch once rendered.I know I'm just starting with vegas & have had only a little experience with editing but I am feeling discouraged about being able to achieve what I see in my head.
    Ans also what are the .mov.sfk or vf.bak files that are showing up in my file after I render?
    Any help would be appreciate.
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    Clap your hands for synch.

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    I does sound rather like you're trying to run before you can walk. But sometimes we can learn best that way. I can't comment on the sync issues - whenever I've had any in 9 years of using Vegas I have always managed to trace it to something I've done wrong.
    Don't worry about the titles of the tracks. There are only video tracks and audio tracks. The names are arbitrary and you can change them to suit.
    There are several reasons you might not be able to see the bass video.
    1. Is the track "muted" (or are all the other video tracks "soloed"?
    2. Are you aware that the top track takes priority? ie if your bass video is on a track below the main one of you in the car, then it won't show as there is nothing for it to show through
    3. You may have used track motion or pan and crop to move it out of the frame
    4 You may have inadvertently added some sort of FX and rendered it invisible

    Have you worked through the tutorials under "Help". Well worth it to get a grasp of Vegas.


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