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Thread: Easy audio noise removal for free

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    Default Easy audio noise removal for free

    I just made a small tutorial about how to remove audio noise in the free tool Audacity.

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    I use audacity all the time, nice video, looks good & teaches the process well. It would be good to mention a few other useful tools like Leveler, which evens out those peaks and valleys & can pull back any clipping.Normalize, which raises the over level to the maximum without clipping, is also a useful tool. It really is a great audio editor/multitracker available for free.

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    I enjoyed the tutorial - very easy to understand

    I've had mixed results in the past with cleaning up audio - sometimes really good - sometimes really bad - i think it comes down to the following condition ...

    "If you convert the audio to the spectral domain, can the noise be cleanly separated from the audio signal you want?" - if the answer is "yes", then you are gold - if not, then you aren't

    I suspect there are other filters besides Fourier that can be used to try to separate the signal from the noise, I'm just not up to date on this

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    The first step of course is to record sound as close to the source as possible. No tool can recover audio that hasn't been captured before

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