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    Hey everyone,
    I came here to hopefully get some advice regarding my situation in uni. I am studying pr and media communication (bachelor of arts) at the moment and a few months back we had a module where we had to make a short sort of image movie for a local hotel. I edited about 90% of that thing together with our teacher back then, and it was soooo interesting and fun! At the end of the year I will have to take a 3-months internship and I really want to get into an editing studio. To train a bit beforehand and to get at least an idea of how different programms work I can download the 30-day trial versions that most programms seem to have (like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut), but I have zero material to edit. Does anyone have advice on where to find some stuff that I could use???


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    Premiere used to have great tutorials and this was the best way to learn - if they still have tutorials I would start there for sure. You will waste a lot of time otherwise.

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    @zamiotana thanks for the tip! Just found them online on their website plus some sample files to work along with =))

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