Hello I'm a new boy.
I have just bought a second hand Seal Prestige VHS-DVD machine to try to save the contents of as many of our old VHS tapes as possible. Sadly it came without any form of manual/handbook/bible. I am longish in the tooth and not unfamiliar with "technology" and assumed that the "modus operanum" would be pretty straight forwards. My first attempt resulted in a watchable offering (Eric Sykes&Tommy Cooper/Spike MIlligan &co.). My second attempt was a total failure At this point I realised that if I were not to go bankrupt ruining DVD disks I should try to get hold of a manual.
Since then I have spent more hours than enough trying to find one on line. "Prestige Seal" means only one thing on the "net" and that is a rubber ring for a pressure cooker.
So here I am asking for help in finding one. Who makes(made) the Seal Prestige VHS-DVD machine? Is there a known stockist of electronics manuals?