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Thread: What are rack mounts?

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    Default What are rack mounts?

    Does anyone use any sort of rack mount for their video hobby or professional video business and if so what kind do you use? I'm trying to gain more of an understanding of the different kinds of rack mounts. This article has some info, but I'd like more on the different kinds of rack mounts in particular:

    Finally, in the case where rack mounts have wheels, they offer portability by enabling church techs to easily move the audio equipment to another location when the need arises.
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    There sure wasn't much to that article. "Rack mount" is an adjective, as in "rack mount computer chassis". The thing you put rack mount gear in is a rack.

    I've got bunches of audio gear in portable racks. Since I was often a one man operation I divided stuff up into smaller racks to limit the weight of each. Mostly I use SKB because it's good protection for stuff that I handle myself or supervise. I wouldn't check it on a plane. You can get stronger cases with better shock protection for that sort of thing.

    You can also get studio racks which don't close up and often have casters. If you have a lot of rack mount gear then get a rack. If not then a rack won't help, but other quality cases might be appropriate.

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    Thank you for the added info about rack mounts!

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