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Thread: This film is the first I've ever made and I'd like feedback please

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    Default This film is the first I've ever made and I'd like feedback please

    I had limited resources mainly using second hand, low-tech sound equipment and free video and sound editing software. It is based on a poem I wrote and is about the changing landscape of London

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    Hi Vee5, welcome to the world of video making. I'll start off by saying I didn't really like the video, please continue reading to find out why.
    It started ok, with the roaming shot on the train. It could have done with a bit of ambient sound of the train I think. It then went on for quite some time with a few wobbly shots from the top of buses etc. These were not needed. Make the intro short or you will loose viewers interest. When you started the poem the sound wasn't bad. I liked that you then appeared on camera to finish off the poem. I presume you shot this your self so couldn't frame the shot an be in it at the same time. Take a test shot to see where you are in the frame then correct it until it looks right. Learn the basics of framing a picture such as the rule of thirds. Once you have mastered that then you can be a little more creative with framing. For a person talking to the camera with a head and shoulders shot like you went for, you should frame it so your eye level is about one third of the total screen size from the top of the screen.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for watching Midnight Blue.
    I agonised over the length of the train and bus footage during editing; you're right about the time it took up. Plus, despite the tube and buses not being entirely full, there were some mobile phone conversations etc. which, if not irritating, drowned-out the sounds of transport and I wasn't confident enough to set-up my tripod on transport, even though that's what I intended to do.

    Reading your comment and thinking about my storyboard, I realise that there were some ideas that I unintentionally omitted and I also didn't pay enough attention to sound(s) beyond the jingle I made. Thinking about it, I also could have recorded ambient sounds separately and edited them in (I could kick myself now because I've actually recorded rich sounds before).

    There are so many of the basics I have yet to learn, hopefully down-the-line I'll get it.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback, you've been helpful.

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    I have nothing to add. My thoughts were identical to MBs - cut the wobbly shots (I'm not sure a tripod would help on transport, you want the camera to move (ie remain static) independently of the wobbe of the bus). Your own post shows how much you understand that there is so much to bear in mind when filming.

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    Thank you Tim
    I'll spend more time intricately planning and troubleshooting so that my next project can be an improvement on this one.

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