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Thread: Can't Get My Videos Onto Facebook Or Emails

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    Default Can't Get My Videos Onto Facebook Or Emails

    Hi All,

    I am brand new to video making and recently got a used Canon D60, Sigma lens and a Rode VideoMic Pro. I've begun doing some basic editing work with iMovie that I have on my fairly new Mac.

    To begin with I just want to create some short video clips to post onto Facebook pages and to email to people.

    However I'm finding that people can't open the video files when I send them via email and I can't get them onto Facebook either.

    Do you have any thoughts?

    Many thanks in advance,


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    I can't give you instructions for iMovie, but I suspect you are sending them/trying to post teh project files (ie what yu open in iMovie). This is just a set of instructions to iMovie that says "use 15 seconds of this movie file, then 2 second of this one etc". In other words a set of editing instructions rather than a completed movie.

    You need to "render" your edited movie (in iMovie) into a completed movie that can be uploaded and emailed.

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    It does sound like what Tim said, especially if you can email the files. Real video files are usually too big to email especially HD video. There is also the possibility that you are rendering to a format that people don't have the right codec to play the video but I'd plump for Tim's suggestion first.

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    You should try to resize your videos before you upload them, try to use Handbreak or some other softwares...

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    Thanks for your help guys.

    Unfortunately I can't find a button or any other kind of facility in iMovie to 'render' so didn't think I had to do it there.

    Like I said in my other current thread, I'm already finding iMovie very frustrating to use and one of the reasons is the apparent lack of any kind of rendering / publishing facility that is obvious.

    Any suggestions on better editing software would be appreciated too.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim64 View Post
    Unfortunately I can't find a button or any other kind of facility in iMovie to 'render' so didn't think I had to do it there.

    That'll tell you (Share | Export using Quicktime)

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    In iMovie find the menu that says FILE --> SHARE

    If you want a movie FILE then chose FILE.

    If you want to email it to someone choose EMAIL

    If you want to upload directly to YouTube or Vimeo etc, chose those options.

    Personally I'd choose FILE since you have more control over what you want to do with it from there.

    Oops - just saw Tim posted a link
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    As the other reply said you can export the video to mp4 file and then you can send it.

    The best option to show video to other is by upload it to youtube as a private or unlisted video and then just send them a link.

    Sending it by email is not a good option especially when it's more then 10-20MB.

    While iMovie is very easy app for editing videos, it's limited and you can't get professional results by using it.

    Consider to learn Adobe Premiere for the long run - it will give much better editing options.

    You can see basic tutorials for Premiere on YouTube.

    Link this video series:
    (Disclosure - This is my video tutorials)

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    Thanks guys once again, nearly there now. I got the first clip rendered and onto FB. I need to work on the file sizes to send via email or maybe just join YouTube / Vimeo and post the links in my emails as suggested.

    Regarding one of the posts, do you think I should opt for Premiere over FCP (I have a Mac).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim64 View Post
    Regarding one of the posts, do you think I should opt for Premiere over FCP (I have a Mac).
    It's fair to say you're likely to get two different answers based on the personal preference of the person who answers and/or that you're looking to do.

    I have both the Adobe suite and FCPX. I use FCPX on a daily basis because as a tool it saves me hours every week over Premiere Pro.

    Reasons to use Premiere Pro
    Low initial cost of entry. It's only 17 a month (Premiere Pro only) or 46 a month for the suite. But that's every month!
    If you plan on using lots of After Effects in your work then the integration with Premiere Pro is a significant benefit
    If you plan on sending audio to Audition for broadcast mixing then integration with Premiere Pro is a benefit

    Reasons to use FCPX
    Higher initial cost, but compared to the Adobe suite you save money after only 6.5 months! I've been using it for 3.5 years and the Adobe suite over the same time frame would have been 1932 instead FCPX @ 229. Premiere Pro on it's own would have been 714.
    You own the rights to use the software indefinitely. If you stop paying adobe your software gets turned off.
    FCPX has the ability to use Motion templates (Motion is $50) for awesome animations, titles and also now fast rendering 3D text (3D text also included in FCPX)
    Very intuitive to use - audio stays with the video instead of being spread over multiple tracks. The magnetic timeline makes moving things around very simple.
    Very intuitive metadata systems that make finding and editing clips much faster than Premiere Pro (or Avid or Vegas or any other)
    Has built in proxy editing if you are on a slower machine - one click to switch between proxy and full quality
    Almost everything is GPU rendered and my machine runs quiet and cool - with Premiere Pro the fans speed up and it gets noisy very quickly (yes I have an Adobe supported GPU!)

    However, in the end it comes down to these two things:

    1) What do you want to edit / produce (does it need After Effects etc) ?
    2) Are you going to use it enough to justify the Adobe rent every month, effectively forever?
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