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    Hi, so i am working on a short film and it requires a bit of the old motion tracking.
    I have the following software's to my disposal, Sony Vegas Pro, After Effects, Boujou, Cinema 4D.
    what i need to do is to have 3d text above each characters head and have it follow them and turn with them as if it were a video game, not quite sure how i could do this as each time i watch a motion tracking tutorial video it says i need a floor in my videos
    most of these shots are mid or close ups and only the character is visible therefor there is no floor so i cant follow their tutorials, hopefully some of you kind fellows can help. If someone does point me in the right direction if it works il give you a credit in my short film

    Thanks for reading -Zane

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    I *think* you may be confusing two different issues:

    1. If the software is only expected to track a head while it moves up and down and left and right (i.e. in 2 dimensions) - then no knowledge about any 'floor' is necessary.

    2. if the software is expected to track the head and also calculate it's position forwards and backwards (i.e. 3 dimensions) - then a set of reference points must be configured, for example by using an imaginary 'floor'.

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