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Thread: Removing Jarring Bass from Video

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    Default Removing Jarring Bass from Video

    Recently, I had recorded a video from a concert that I attended.

    I was placed near the speakers and recording it with my HP...

    The video was fine but the audio is terrible... The heavy bass is drowning all the treble and mids

    Anyone can propose a suitable solution?

    This is a screenshot from the frequency monitor inside Adobe Audition.

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    Can you post a short wav somehwre for us to download and play with.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm out of town.. Will be back this weekend to provide a short clip.

    Thanks for the help!

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    If you can post the whole audio on a file sharing site I'd be willing to try fixing it up. Or I can make suggestions based on a short clip.

    That spectrum is useless. We hear frequency logarithmically so half the audible spectrum is between "Hz" and the first mark on the scale. If that can't be changed then the designers of Audition have a profound lack of understanding when it comes to audio.

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