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Thread: New UK Extremist/Cult Religion - Election Documentary to share

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    Default New UK Extremist/Cult Religion - Election Documentary to share

    Hi everyone,

    wanted to share this 42 minute documentary with you all, hoping it may spark a little debate through this website.

    Please review and comment with all opinions on the production and the subject.

    The film has picked up some incredible attention since its release online last month.

    here is the imdb link: If you would care to rate or review here: .

    and here is the link to the full film, please enjoy:

    Many Thanks

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    I wish I could get people to role play in my movies - as it is I need to play all the characters myself

    other than the over-the-top content, the film itself was great

    it reminds me of the rhinoceros party here in Canada - they manage to get votes every election even though their platform is nonsense

    the mockumentary effects were spot on

    the overall pace was a bit slow

    I might have introduced a minor scuffle between the actors early on in the film
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    Didn't like the use of the still at 0:34 and the "photo book" effect at 2:17. It was a bit to long for me to watch everything but you had a good variety of content and it was well put together.

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