Dear all,

I live in The Netherlands and have a friend who works at a copyshop.
They recently installed Magix hardware (a USB converter from Magix) and the software is Magix RUV (Red Uw Videos, this is Dutch for Save/Rescue Your Videos, so I guess it's sold under that name in the UK.)
I was looking for an English forum (as this is a more commonly spoken language in the hope to find more international users and thus hopefully get/find better answers)
The problem we have is digitalizing from a Hi8 camera.

If we play directly from the camera on an old fashioned PAL widescreen TV the recorded video shows fine.
However when we try to convert to a digital format using Magix Save Your Videos we get interference lines. I tried all different kinds of settings in the program, but this is the best I could get

We contacted the Magix helpdesk for this, they once sent a new USB capturer, which does not solve the problem.
Now they want to send a new capturer again, but we decline now, because we think it will have the same problem.

Now Magix already offered a refund, but before we accept that we are now trying it on another computer.
But my questions are:

How to avoid those interference lines?

If Magix turns out to be hopeless which alternatives do we have (preferrably with trial versions)?

Are their other USB capture devices that might do their job better?

Thanks in advance.