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Thread: Capturing old Hi-8

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    Default Capturing old Hi-8

    I need to capture some old Hi-8 tapes onto my laptop. Output of camera is Svideo, or composite.
    The only USB 3.0 option I have seen is 150 - which is far more than I want to pay.

    Are there any reasonable USB 3.0 cables for a laptop? Will a usb 2.0 cable be good enough?

    Thanks in advance

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    DVD quality video is good enough for VHS, S-VHS, 8mm and Hi8 analog video, and USB 2.0 is adequate for that. I use an old Dazzle DVC90 USB 2.0 capture device to digitize all those formats. Use the S-Video connection for slightly higher quality than composite.

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    ok - tracked down one of those - and will give it a go - thanks

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