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Thread: Need help with a strong backlight on my video clip

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    Default Need help with a strong backlight on my video clip

    Hi! Hope someone really can help me.

    I have this clip that my brother filmed me on my bike doing this trick and unfortunately he filmed against the sun and you can barely see me.

    So i have tried to fade the backlight and increase the focus on me but with my knowledge on editing the result werent so great...

    So i thought maybe some of you guys can help me with this problem and i can send the clip to you?

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    Post a still image for us to see what you are battling against.

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    Heres a link to the frame grab:

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    While you could play with that and make it a little better, sometimes you just have to go back and reshoot. While you can shoot in to the sun like that, it really requires additional lighting on the foreground to allow you to stop down and reduce the glare from the sun killing the entire image.

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    OK, Do you have a good program to maybe not fix the problem but to make it a little better? If you want to help me i can send the link to the video to you or i can take any tip i can get and try it myself

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    Wrong thread - sorry !

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    You could download the very capable Davinci Resolve for FREE. It's a deep program used by professional colourists around the world for everything from 30 second commercials to hollywood blockbusters.

    Be prepared to spend some time learning it, but it also includes full editing tools as well.

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    Ok i will look that up thanks for the help man! Appreciate it!

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