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Thread: Unable to transfer video from Canon Legria HF G25 tp pc!

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    Default Unable to transfer video from Canon Legria HF G25 tp pc!

    I recently bought a Canon Legria HF G25 Camcorder.The free software supplied with the camcorder is Video Browser ver. 2.6 by Pixela. When I try to transfer my videos to the pc the software loads for a few moments,automatically,as it is supposed to,then freezes! A notice appears on my desktop that reads:

    "Video Browser.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

    I have no option then but to close the program via the 'button' (close program) displayed below the message! Uninstalling and reinstalling Video Browser,as suggested in the manual supplied by Pixela does not help. The same problem occurs if I try to launch Video Browser via the desktop icon or 'Start'! I have looked through the support pages on the Pixela website and as far as I can make out my OS is compatible with the software ie Windows Vista Service Pack 2. I emailed Canon who informed me that the software is made by Pixela and they do not have the details. Pixela do no supply an email and the phone number they provide is in Europe,and I do not wish to phone a number outside the UK.
    I was wondering if I might be able to use some other Video edit software to transfer my videos to my pc? I understand that Sony Vega (they seem to have dropped the Vega bit now) is considered to be good and not too expensive. I tried to download the free trial version of the latest version (13) from the Sony website,but apparently it is not compatible with Windows Vista. Also,when I looked at the manual,which I downloaded,it said it was unable to import video files from Camcorders using a usb connection. Although,it can import from Dvd camcorders if the usb drivers supplied are uninstalled. I also gather now,from the Sony website,that their software is unable to capture video from a camcoder via a usb. Is this true? If so,is there any software available that I can use to transfer (and edit) video files from my Camcorder. (It does not have a socket for a firewire,only a usb) I bought my last camcorder,a Sony digital 8,fifteen years ago. All you had to was plug it in! I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew here and would be grateful if anyone here could please offer some advice or help.

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    Do you have a card reader? If so I would import from the card and not the camera if possible. I stopped using camera transfer once I moved on from DV cameras via firewire and have used cards ever since.

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I don't have a card reader. Would this be suitable for videos? I am aware that they can be used for still photos,and possibly short low quality video from phones. I would like to be able to edit videos lasting up to 30 mins or an hour in standard definition and hopefully,high definition,once I replace my ageing pc (in the very near future). I need the video to be of good quality. And is there any specific type of card reader I would use?

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    As David suggests, use a card reader and import from the SD card.
    Btw, as regards the Sony Vegas software, you seem to be referring to Sony Movie Studio Platinum. The last version to work with WinVista SP2 was MS Platinum 12. You can still download it (32-bit or 64-bit) from here . You cannot buy it from Sony/SCS any more, but it's still available inexpensively on e.g. amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brychan View Post
    I don't have a card reader. Would this be suitable for videos?
    Given that 90% of what I shoot is video that has to be a yes! I shoot everything from 5 second clips to 2-3 hour seminars so length of video is irrelevant.

    And is there any specific type of card reader I would use?
    I've tried many different types but the most reliable and fastest (on the average) is the Lexar USB 3 dual card reader (CF & SD cards).

    Since you're a Windows user I'm going to leave the other more experienced windows editors to answer on Windows software. I've only used Premiere Pro extensively on windows, everything else has been on Mac.

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    Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful replies. I will certainly follow up your suggestions. Card readers are not something I have used ,except the kind you get in shops. I'm used to a firewire (or phono) with my digital 8 camcorder. I tried my best to research the sort of camcorder I needed before buying,but unfortunately I somewhat assumed that transferring the video files would be just via a lead of some kind,like it used to be. I didn't anticipate the use of software and I must admit I did slip up badly on that one! Also thanks you for the link vkmast. I will be able to use that to try out the software,now.

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