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    I have a 3ds model produced from a couple of hundred still photos. It's 1.8GB. I'm trying to figure out how to animate & render this in blender, but as soon as I load it Blender steals all 32GB of ram and starts to run like an asthmatic sloth. The mouse pointer moves every 5 or 10 seconds and it's basically useless.

    So, for all the blender users out there, are there any specific settings I need to take care of to may go in to draft mode or something like that? I'm a total noob on Blender but would really like to make this work!

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    I assume it is slow because it wants to load alot of images. If so, then I recommend setting the "Wireframe view"; it won't have to load and render the images.
    I am not an expert! So my following suggestion may not be entirely helpful.
    Select the editor type to be "3d view". Then. in the menu bar will be a circular icon; where one can change the "Viewport Shading" between "Rendered/Material/Texture/Solid/Wireframe/or Bounding Box". The option for "Rendered" is (understandably) slowest, and "bounding box" (or wireframe) is lots faster.

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    If you are working in rendered mode even a basic model will be sluggish. Try working up from wireframe and then just test rendering a few frames every so often.

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    Thanks - I'll look in to that!

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