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    A video of our latest Lightning Club get together


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    Nice Video, I am not the best person to get comments from but in my opinion it was very good I liked how you made the video go very well with the music good joob

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    NIce job and excellent tune!
    Could be a lil shorter - if you not a big fan of the trucks or drag racing it gets tiresome after a while.
    Great stuff all the same

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    I liked the sound track and the begining where you were introduced to everyone, thats given me ideas

    Really liked the Truck Dragrun.

    What times were they getting over the 1/4 ? i saw 7.6 seconds ? that cant be right ?
    Live from Norwich !

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    What times were they getting over the 1/4 ? i saw 7.6 seconds ? that cant be right ?
    For most of the lightnings, between 12 and 13 seconds for the 1/4. The two Black lightnings run in the mid to low 10's. ( hunt'n for the 9's).

    Kennedale is a local 1/8 mile track. Just were everyone met for this get together. So that 7.6 is an 1/8 mile time

    And, Thanks for the kind words gents .....

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    Yeh I was flippin out about the truck runnin 6s then I rememebr that there are 1/8 tracks.

    I'm not diggin the music, but I like this sort of thing and I like how you captured the "misc parts" of going to the races.


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