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Thread: Skiing to the Sout Pole project- Antarctica [Critique needed]

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    Default Skiing to the Sout Pole project- Antarctica [Critique needed]

    Hello there,

    Please check out my latest work for Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra, while he successfully reaches the South pole as part of the his Explorer's grandslam bid.

    INTO WHITE is a narrative short video that captures Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra's as he tries to complete "The explorer's grandslam" by skiing to the geographic south pole.
    After 10 days, thousands of steps and a few dry meals Omar Samra was able to raise the Egyptian flag over the continent of Antarctica, where Roald Amundsen first reached, to become the first Egyptian to ever ski to the south pole and to be only short of the north pole to complete an ever lasting dream to complete the grandslam.
    The video was shot using 2 GOPRO cameras ( Hero 4 Silver + Hero 2 ) + Canon D550 + Iphone 6 plus.
    Edited and Coloured using Adobe premiere CC & Film convert pro + Twixtor.
    Compositing was done using Adobe After Effects.

    Please don't hold back any critique, comments or even praise

    Thank you all.

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    The effects during the singing were a bit too much

    other than that it looked great and held my interest throughout

    it would have been good to see a map with the starting location and the planned route

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    Thank you very much zamiotana for your honest feedback, I will take it into consideration next project which is supposed to cover the North pole expedition.

    And about the planned route, that's great idea. Thanks for that too.



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    My mind started to drift when we had the hallucinogenic section, but you managed to bring me back quickly enough. I enjoyed the film. It told a story, we shared in his success and it had beautiful shots.

    As an aside I nearly didn't watch it as anything that tells me what it was shot on and edited in before I've watched just puts me off - I assume the maker is a gear junkie and cares more about that than the content. I'm glad this wasn;t the case here.

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    Thank you very much Tim for your feedback. I really appreciate it.
    I'm also really glad you didn't go with your instincts on that one [ I will take that into consideration and present the gear information when requested ]

    Thanks again so much,


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    I've got a bit of a thing about grading the dark areas with a blue tint. It's just a thing I have. The images seemed a bit random but because of the narration it held the narrative. Not easy conditions to film, the cold, all white etc. So well do for doing it.

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