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    My Pc is win xp sp3. I have a pinnacle capture card and use the 1394 to capture and Studio 7 to edit.
    My question is..... Which version of Vegas would be suitable fo editing. I downloaded and installed Sony Vegas11 trial and it gave the message that it could only be used on Vista and 7. So I wondered if anyone knows Vegas to use without me going through all the trial progs. Thanks

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    You might look for Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11. It should work with your WinXP. Still available pretty inexpensively (even the Platinum Production Suite, which has extras) online, check
    Vegas Pro 10 is the last Pro one to go with WinXP and may be overkill.

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    Thanks for the reply vkmask. I will have a go and see what happens.

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    I installed Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 and it seems to be working ok. I have had a look and played around in it but will have to get to know it a bit better.

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    In addition to the Help/Show Me How in the software and the SCS site's own Support/Training section you'll find nice tutorials including a general overview of v 11 e.g. in the link below.

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    Thanks for that, I have bookmarked the link and will have a look. The only problem is, when I try to open Vegas again it is asking for an authentication code and I can't use the trial version any more.

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