my first post here! I would like to make a whiteboard-style animation, but with "real animations" in it. The effect I'd like to achieve is exactly the same as of this video http://www.europarltv.europa.eu/it/p...c-a46800f5512d.
The old way would be the simplest I guess. I would put the camera above the drawing table and then record the process of each picture being drawn. I don't think, however, that this is the best way to do it nowadays, and, more importantly, it wouldn't allow me to insert simple animations as they did in the linked video.
Therefore I was thinking that perhaps this should be done digitally.
In this case I don't need to see on the screen the drawing hand, actually, I would prefer not to see it. I just need to make the effect of the cartoons being drawn, and then insert some animations.
Probably a good idea would be to use Adobe Flash CS5 (or newer), but I guess that's just one of many solutions.
What are your suggestions to achieve the desired effect?