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    Lightbulb Inspiration

    Hi everyone,

    To quickly introduce myself, my name is Nina and I work for a crisis and risk management security/medical company that works throughout Africa. We help companies prepare for crisis situations and when they do happen, we coordinate the emergency response to help get their staff home safely.

    We're currently looking to make a series of internet commercials and to be honest, I'm struggling to think of some unique and interesting ideas for the campaign.

    Our competitors are big and well established so we are the new kids on the block. For this reason, I'm thinking we need something hard hitting that's going to leave a lasting impression, none of this boring corporate videos.

    I've found some good adverts that are interesting ideas such as:

    I've come here looking to pick your creative brains and hopefully someone can get me come up with a good idea.

    Thank you so much in advance

    Nina x

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    I guess the first thing would be to imagine what makes your company different from others - not only for promotion but as a business guideline.

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    Hi XXLRay,

    Many thanks for your post.

    I guess there are a few things that make us different. Our competitors are all global but we work primarily in Africa. We are the only company of our type that caters exclusively to the African market and offers complete continental coverage. We build local relationships to offer the best service on the continent. We are much more community and local knowledge based.

    Also, our competitors are large faceless corporations. We are a smaller team of experts who genuinely care and are passionate about Africa. We like to think differently and we market the fact that we design unique solutions for our clients and don't ever go for the one size fits all approach that our competitors do.

    Hopefully that made sense?

    Nina x

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    In that case I would try to put the personal contact into focus. As I am not experienced with the African market you would need to come up with something Africa specific on your own.

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