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    Is there anyway after you have your recording to change it to a character's voice that you already have in mp4 format? I'm trying to make a trailer/promo and I have what I want them to say and clips and stuff but I don't have what I want them to say in their actual real voices. Is there a plug in or anything or anyway to go about doing this?

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    So you want them to say something different?

    Make the audio from the video silent, add the MP4 track underneath as a new track, chop up the MP4 track as needed and place the words where you want them. Then fill in the gaps as needed with room tone etc.

    No plug=in required.

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    I tried what you suggested but all I hear/am getting is my voice with what I'm saying and then also what the character is saying originally. Two separate tracks; but nothing of what I said in the character's voice....Also what is Room Tone? And how do I get it?......Help? Much appreciated.
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    Your original post wasn't quite clear in my mind, but your second reply clarified things.

    You'd like to make your voice sound like someone else (e.g. Harison Ford) just by feeding it in to a magical plug-in. Sorry, nothing I know of comes even close. The closest thing is a Vocorder, but it's not going to synthesise a human voice with all it's nuances like you are hoping.

    Room Tone is something you record in a room with no one speaking. All rooms have sound in the background (unless you're in an sound proof room). When you speak there is room tone behind your words so that if you suddenly stop playing the recording for a second or two then start again then start again there would be silence instead of the natural background noise.

    It's usual to record at least a minute of room tone (same place that you record the voice) so that when you need to cut and move some words you can fill the gaps with room tone so it's no longer obvious there was a cut. You can often get away without room tone if you're overlaying on music, but even then sometimes you will need it.

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    Gotcha. Shame. I really wish Sony Vegas would create a program where that's possible to do- a plugin to change your voice. Seems like mankind has created everything else imaginable! lol.-
    I'll just have to make do with what I got I guess
    Thank You for all your help!
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    Lots of plugins will change your voice, but the human voice is very complex so making a plugin to emulate any one person would be quite a challenge.


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