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Thread: Band promo Vid - advice please

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    Default Band promo Vid - advice please

    Hi there,
    I am a complete newb here so please be gentle.
    I have recently managed to pull together a very good Covers Band in NW UK.
    We are all over 40 and between us have lots of ability and experience in Music. None of us has any knowledge of filming and editing Video.
    We need someone to help us out.
    I have a Stills Photograpgher who is also doing our Website.
    Have a look at Facebook page.
    I also have opportunity to get a couple studio engineers out to our next Gig to get some good quality recordings.
    We desperately need to get something together to put onto soon to be launched website and our Facebook page which we can point prospective customers ie Landlords/booking agents so they can get a feel for what we are about and if they want to book us.
    We have our 2nd Gig on Saturday 2nd May at The Wilsons Bridge St Runcorn. Is there anyone out there who may be prepared to help us on our way?
    I can sort exes ie petrol but thats about it, apart from full credits on website and facebook etc. Everyone else is also working on exe's only, band members included. We do it because we love playing live music, its not a carreer thing, we are all well past that.
    I am sure you guys are being pestered all the time so please accept my apologies if I have annoyed anyone here.
    We simply dont have money to hire until we have played a good few more gigs. But we do need something with which we can sell the band.
    Many thanks

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    If you don't need something long and you don't need it urgently I would be willing to edit something for you. Note that I have never done something like that. My content is usually more factual. You can have a look at my YouTube channel to get an impression:

    As I am not in the area I won't be able to take footage myself. If you are interested Make sure you can offer access to the material via Internet. Probably give some links to other promotional videos you like. Take a good variety of footage i.e. close-ups of faces and instruments, setting up gear, behind the scenes, crowd, location, all band members. Make sure to vary view angles and zoom levels.
    Probably film a short Interview with each band member (preferably in front of a bric wall and with the depending instrument in frame) in which they explain which role they have and let them express what about making music is important for them. Use a dedicated mic. Bad audio will kill the interview parts otherwise.

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    The best thing for you to do is locate your local video club. There will be one somewhere around and theses are usually people who are both enthusiastic about video and short of something 'different' to shot, so may jump at the opportunity for a gig like this.

    From a professional's point of view there is very little value in doing it for the credits on a web site because that's neither paying the bills nor is it how the vast majority of work comes about. If anything it's an advert for 'doing more stuff for free'. Been there, done that

    You may also want to contact local colleges / universities and see if they have students in their media department who want / need the experience.

    You may get something awesome or you may get something terrible (that you still think is awesome!), but good luck in your quest. Make sure you give them a good audio feed!

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    Funnily enough I have an ongoing project to put together a video for a covers band local to me. They're a reasonable 10 piece soul band with a great front line up of a guy and two girl singers. They wanted something for their website.
    Now, I went in with the idea that a promo video is very different from an event video. My own experience so far seems to be bearing this out and I'm sure others (David P?) will comment. They wanted to film it at a gig (the idea being to use a minute or so of maybe 5 songs).

    I had previously filmed them at a gig with one static and one handheld camera not for publication, but simply so they could see what they looked like. This was surprisingly good, but what I'd call a very basic "event" video.

    For the "real" video, (assuming it would be a "performance" video) my concept was for them to decide the 5 x 1 minute segments and record them (or, better still record a 5 min medley) then choreograph the actions and the filming of this, filming from many angles with planned close-ups/cutaways etc - ie a scripted shot over many takes. They, however, wanted to try it at the live gig on the basis that if we take enough material we should be able to patch something together (the audio isn't a problem as the band leader is a bit of a recording buff and is able to record one track per mic and mix at leisure afterwards). So I have one fixed and two roving hand held cameras with about 90 minutes of performance. Just cutting out the crap from the h/h vids was tedious enough, but I would suggest:

    Even when all three cameras have usable footage this is not enough for a promo.
    The cameras need to be near as dammit identical. Even though you might be able to get a good colour balance between them for one lighting condition, as soon as that changes (and with a couple of banks of coloured LEDs flashing in time to the music this happens constantly) they will be out of kilter again.
    What looks/sounds great when you're there, isn't!
    A full dance floor looks half empty.
    With three singers plus a guitarist doing backup vocals in the front line, a percussionist and a three piece horn section in the second line, microphone stands (and music stands) obscure just about everything.
    In the typical small club it is impossible for two cameramen to work without appearing in each others (and the static camera) shots.
    There is not enough light.

    I'm hoping that what I put together will be bad enough to convince them that I was right to want to do it under controlled conditions

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    Thanks a lot guys, will look into. Thanks for taking the time.

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