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Thread: Newbie asking for help about stuttering output video

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    Default Newbie asking for help about stuttering output video

    Hi everybody!

    I would like to ask of your help, since I am fairly unexperienced with the technicalities of video editing. My problem is, what I imagine to be a rather common one, stuttering video after rendering, while the input files are perfectly fine and stutter-free. The task I tried to accomplish is an image overlay on the videos (it's a png, which has a lot of transparent areas), and then addig a still jpg to the end for like 10 seconds. The input videos are video game trailers, and the ones I had problems with, are all 1080p, 30 fps, and are stored in an .mp4 format. The reason why I'm not sure if the input files are the problem, because I had a case, where I managed to get stutter-free output with one file with the same parameters. Also, I would prefer not to convert the input files before further editing (I heard mp4 might be problematic) because of the loss in quality, which I assume is inevitable.

    Another suspect I had was the hardware environment, which was initially my laptop. It has plenty of processing power (it has an Intel i7, quad-core, 2 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM and an Nvidia GT525M), but the Windows install on it is rather old. However, I tried it on my recently built gaming desktop PC, which has even more power, but the stutter remained. Also I'd assume, if you don't have enought power, the rendering would just take longer, not go wrong altogether, but correct me if I'm wrong on that one. The last thing I suspect, which is the most likely, is the software I'm using. Since I believe slapping a couple iamges on a video shouldn't be too big of a task, I went with a free softwarem called VDSC Free Video Editor. Could it be that the code is just not good enough to handle such material?

    Thank you in advance for your answers, and sorry if I asked a question answered a thousand times, but I found no such case where the parameters quite matched up with mine.


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    Hi Aadamtoth,

    First things first. Your hardware has nothing to do with with our problem. As you assumed it just takes less time to render and it handles videos while editing faster, which makes it easier to work with. I think the stuttering is the result of render options. I have not used VDSC Free Video Editor before, but I think there should be something like export or render options. What options did you have set up when you rendered the video?

    Best Regard, VideoCaddy

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    Firstly, what frame rate are you exporting at? If your input it 30fps and your output is not 30fps then that's the first place I'd look.

    Next, if you reduce the bit rate does the stuttering go away (even though the quality may be lower)? If so, it could be put down to player issues rather than the video itself.

    What happens if you output (say) 720p instead of 1080p, does that still stutter?

    None of these are solutions in themselves, they are diagnostics techniques designed to find the cause.

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    There are of course plenty of rendering options, I went with the default "High" preset for .avi, except I disabled audio altogether to save on file size. I'll include screenshots of both the export screen and the preset I chose.

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    Both the input and output files are 30fps, I tried lowering the quality (I did a test with the default "High" preset on .avi, at 720p, and a test with the "Normal" preset as well), but the stuttering remained, in the same places, and the same intensity. I doubt it's a player issue, because I can play the original input video just fine, stutter-free (again, correct me if I'm wrong).

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    What is the codec and bitrate of the input files? My guess it's H264/AVC (not XviD) at something between 17mbps and 50mbps. Try exporting to what ever the input codec is and see if you have the same issue.

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