Hi guys,

If you are looking to help a complete beginner to further demonstrate your superior knowledge of the art then I am the guy for you!!

I have never recorded/produced a video in my life, and want to put together something like this:


I am a wedding/party mobile DJ by trade who also has some experience in nightclub photography, so the photography side of things I have some knowledge on the importance of lighting levels, aperture, focus etc in dark nightclub environments. I want to start creating promotional videos like the one linked, and also start a video blog showing all my wedding/party DJ adventures (setup, equipment and general opinions/waffle on things). I also want to record demonstrations of my DJing, and want to hire say, a photo studio or any room large enough to set up my gear to do those in. For example videos like this -


To do all of this I imagine I will need some sort of professional camcorder, a video light or three, and the appropriate software. I have a copy of Adobe Premier CS5 on my lappy and also a subscription to Lynda.com to learn how to use it. However its the video and lighting side of things is where I need the most help.

So my budget for new gear is 1-2k (2k absolute bank breaking max). This is for a camera, video lights memory cards, stands, cables and anything else necessary. I don't mind going to ebay, and am ideally looking for something that technologically has just gone out of fashion in favour of a 'the latest model' being released, and therefore has shot down in value on the second hand market (say a mk2 of a certain model and which now has a mk3 just released) .

Video lights - wise, I would to have one attached to the camera itself, and possibly more fixed to the lighting rig of my mobile disco set up. IF those ones could be activated wirelessly that would be great.

In terms of sound recording, finished videos will mostly contain backing music dubbed into it with none of the cameras recorded sounds during the footage. Either that and/or music coming out of my decks and straight into the camera via line inputs. I guess the only time the cameras inbuilt microphone will be used is when recording the announcements of a first dance and other key announcements where there should be do music. Also for the general wittering in blogs which are not from wedding gig or DJ mixing demonstration.

So I would appreciate some advice on both equipment buying/setup and also camera settings/production techniques etc so that I will basically be in a good position to start churning out videos like the ones linked for promotional and blogging purposes.

Thanks in advance! If you have any follow up questions to anything I have said here or need me to be more specific on what I want, then please give me a shout!