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Thread: Massive Screw Up. Can it be undone, or am I poop out of luck???

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    Default Massive Screw Up. Can it be undone, or am I poop out of luck???

    Hey folks. Hope you can help me with this. I did a very stupid thing. I bought a new external to add to the three others I already had. To simplify things, I renamed them. I didn't change the drive letter, but now projects in both premiere pro and premiere elements are all showing that the "media is offline". Can I undo this? Is there a way to get back to my projects without having to start from scratch? I'm lost with the youtube vids that kinda touch on this. Not many of them out there. Please help. I'm at your mercy.

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    You need to reconnect the media. When it says it can't find it there are buttons you can click to search for the files. Once it's found one it's usually pretty good at automatically finding the others.

    Sorry I'm not at my computer with Premiere Pro so can't tell you step for step, but it's all very simple - don't go doing anything drastic, just reconnect the media!

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