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    Default Poor indoor footage

    ey everyone. I have a samsung scd71 mini dv camcorder for shooting family events like weddings brithdays etc. Nothing special. The problem is that I get really bad bleeding in lower light conditions. I thought this was normal until I saw a capture from my friends JVC. It doesn't do it at all. I have a picture attached to show you what I mean. The camera is useless unless I shoot outside on a sunny day. Is the camera toast? Or is it fixable? What do you guys think?

    This image is really bad:

    ..and this one you can see it in the buildings on the bottom right:

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    Default Unfortunately ...

    ... it seems that most camcorders suffer from this problem. Your only solutions are probably:

    1. Have the room as well lit as possible


    2. Get an external light for your camcorder (if it has an accessory shoe).

    Good luck!
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    Wow.. I've never seen that sort of distortion due to low light. It looks like Samsung's got an arithmetic error in their image processing software in the camera itself. The only fix I can think of is a firmware update, if that's possible for their products. It's best you contact Samsung for help on this/
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    I don't suppose you were moving the cam whilst in low light mode?

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    No camera movement at all. I even put the camera on the table so that my shaky hands wouldn't affect my sample.

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