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Thread: Unusual art exhibition, unusual playback, thoughts needed!

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    Default Unusual art exhibition, unusual playback, thoughts needed!

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to help a friend with a forthcoming art exhibition, its a very important show and should be incredible (if I can get the tech to work!)

    We are working with multi-channel video & live streamed audio with automated effects. A good friend of ours is building a program intended to run and timecode the audio w/ automated effects with the video but we fear it won't be ready for the show. A very simple solution would be using premiere-pro in preview mode and projecting from that. The timing of the audio is less important than the timing of the automation on top of the audio so lagging between video and audio is not a problem. I'll be using a pretty powerful imac, would you expect I'd be troubled by either the video or sound effects lagging and poor quality if I send a 3 screen wide preview of 1080p to a matrox tripple head2go splitter? I know that no-one projects straight from the preview window, but it seems to be the simplest way of timing live sound effects with video. Can anyone imagine any problems that I've overlooked? I'd really appreciate a few moments of brain power.

    many many thanks

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    The only advice I can offer is to test it well before hand so you can iron out any bugs you find well before the show.

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    You said that it doesn't matter if the audio and video are out of sync

    you could drive the audio and video from two different computers in that case, and just synchronize them by eye

    with that said, as long as preview mode looks ok on your iMac screen, it should still look fine through the matrox

    im still trying to figure out what preview mode will buy you in this scenario

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