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Thread: trv30 need help quick

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    Default trv30 need help quick

    I can get a trv30 used but in really good shape for 400 should i do it or no?

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    From your IP address, I assume you are from America and the price you quoted is in $s.

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    you are correct

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    I would suggest you compare the features of a brand new camcorder at the $400 price point with this one.

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    most new cameras in the 400 dollar price range are awful

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    It was released in 2001. That's 4 years ago and technology has improved bucket loads...

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    Anyway, the key stats you need to compare are:

    CCD Size: 1/4" (bigger the better)
    Number of CCD: 1
    Optical Zoom: 10x
    Manual Controls: Focus
    Weight: 680g

    If you can get a new cam with better stats...

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