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Thread: SonyVegas13 - Crash On Render

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    Exclamation SonyVegas13 - Crash On Render

    Hi.... seems like i have encountered another problem with my Vegas again -_-

    Anyway, the problem is very BIGbut it seems to be quite common so hopefully i can get this fixed quick!

    Ok, so what happens is when i go to render my video on Vegas13 , i click and select the file format i want and then click render then the program crashes like this:


    im pretty sure it happens with every file format (i have tested some)

    Im using AMD Graphics
    Intel i7
    Windows 8.1 = done recent updates
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    Almost certainly a clip Vegas is having issues with.
    You need to find it. Try rendering just the fist half, then just the second half.

    Keep splitting the half that fails in half until you find the problematic clip.

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    Sorry no because anything i try to render fails, the clip i tried to render in that image was just a title (legacy) from Sony Vegas itself.

    also when i tried rendering different sections it still crashed

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    Vegas up to date? Graphics drivers up to date? Is this a system that previously worked?
    I'm struggling to come up with any suggestions.

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    my vegas is using version 428 on vegas 13 and my GPU drivers are up to date.
    it has previously worked.

    could it be a problem about a program which sony vegas needs to run like for example: quicktime or visual 2012 or something

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    found this video, its the same thing thats happening to me

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    You haven't stated your Project settings? Have you? Nor your Render Template, you've only supplying another person's results. So, going from that YT video, and using as much of the info in THAT video, I can't reproduce your issue. Rendering fine here from 1920x1020 to 720 WMV.

    Are you rendering from Sony Legacy TEXT?


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    Try turning off the GPU Acceleration, mine did this when the GPU was on

    Options >> Preferences >> Video (tab)

    Also check the amount in the Dynamic Ram preview, the bigger thi sis the slower the rendering can be.

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